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Lifestyle Program

Designed for beginning herbal students, health care practitioners, and healthy lifestylers.

Clinical Program

Coming Fall 2018 or Spring 2019. Be sure to sign up to be notified when registration opens.


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Get to know the teachers that make HERBalachia possible.

I learned to work with Gods herbal gifts at Herbalachia.

Connie Pennington

We are creatures of more wisdom, Love, and connection because of our journey together with the plant world guiding us! May we go forward in this kinship!

Josette Gust

Using the skills I learned at HERBalachia to put my dreams in motion. The words escape me. These experiences are so rich with knowledge, magic, medicine, and sisterhood. I am so extremely grateful for HERBalachia and all it brings.

Taylor Tucker

I have been truly blessed by the knowledge of so many good teachers, the love of my newfound friends…I am eager to use this wisdom to raise awareness of our healing Mother Earth and spread her love like wild fire. I am FOREVER grateful.

Lesley Setchim