This New Year Is For You

This New Year Is For You

This New Year Is For You

Have you been curious about natural health and herbal medicine?

Is it time to do something inspiring for yourself?

With the beginning of the New Year, a lot of people create “resolutions”, which enables one to reflect on changes we want or need to make in our lives. This idea is designed to give you permission to want what you want, feel what you feel, and love what you love. Many create resolutions because our bodies and souls simply just don’t feel good enough. When’s the last time you did something for yourself?

Last year, a group of fifteen men and women sat in a circle together, forming one of the first cohorts of HERBalachia. They were mothers, fathers, teachers, healthcare workers, and business entrepreneurs. Within the circle though, they were one. Called together to enter a journey of connection and growth. Some were touched to tears as they introduced their self and story told what brought them to HERBalachia.

Throughout their journey together they received the ultimate gift of knowledge, self-love and healing, and community.

As they circled up for their last class, stories of gratitude were shared with the ultimate message being, “I am so glad I did this for myself.”

So, if you are ready, there is no better time then now, to do something for yourself. We would love for you to join us in the 2018 Herbalist Lifestyle Program.


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