Harvesting Medicinal Tree Barks

Saturday, November 3, 2018 at 10 AM – 1 PM

4403 Simerly Creek Rd, Unicoi, TN 37692

In this class, students will learn to properly identify medicinal trees and harvest their barks for medicine. We will also discuss the variety of herbal preparations that can be made with medicinal tree barks. We will discover our innate powers of observation, learn new skills (or refresh skills), and connect with like-minded community through the hands-on art and practice of working with medicinal tree barks.

Herbal Medicine offers a cornucopia of phytochemicals, known as ‘constituents’ that we consume to better our health and outlook on life. As herbalists we chase these constituents through the seasons like riding Nature’s Wave. As the seasons change and the days become shorter and the nights cooler we begin to look inward. At this time of the year, many perennial plants begin to draw their energy and constituents inwards and down towards their roots. We begin to dig more roots, harvests nuts and fruits, and we have another opportunity to harvest medicinal barks.

Please dress in layers and proper footwear for outdoor exploring, including rain gear. A harvesting basket or pack and sharp knife would be useful. Plan to bring lunch or snacks if you plan to attend the afternoon Mead-Making class as well.

Instructor Thomas Cooper joins us from Boone, where he lives with his sweetie and son. His background includes a degree in Sustainable Agriculture as well as studies in primitive skills, foraging and wild-crafting plants, fermentation, and bird language.

$20. Limited to 15 people.
Please click ‘Tickets’ to reserve your spot; no cancellation refunds.
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