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Herbalist Clinical


Registration is now open for 2019

Do you feel called to connect with nature and serve your community? Becoming a Community Herbalist is a great step toward supporting your own and others’ health.

Pre-requisite: full completion of the Lifestyle Program or similar herbal immersion program.

Continuing Education: efforts are underway to provide Continuing Education Credit for certain classes in this program. Please contact us for details.

Clinical Program

Upon completion of this program, you will receive an HERBalachia Community Herbalist certificate and be able to use, dispense, and recommend local, non-toxic herbs using methods rooted in science and traditional herbal practice. Our program is created in alignment with the American Herbalist Guild recommended guidelines for study.

This 170 hour program allows students to develop the clinical skills necessary to enter Herbalist Internship in their third year of study.

Students with a scope of practice which including nutritional guidelines (nurses, physicians, etc.) may immediately use these skills to enhance their current professions.

Clinical skills development

Students observe treatments, practice clinical assessment skills and therapeutic evaluation. You will learn the health professions practices of confidentiality and medical ethics, to perform a health intake, and to assess any ‘red flag’ symptoms requiring referral to a physician.

Expanded Materia Medica

Each plant will be studied in terms of scientific and common names, identification, part used, preparation/dosage, actions/indications, and safety/contraindications. Common formula and treatment protocols will be evaluated. Students will be guided in effective methods of study to retain this vital information to be used in clinic.

Herbal dispensary options

Continue to accrue experience with continued study of decoction, infusion, tincture, percolation, salve, honey pill, and syrup. Learn to assess which is most effective in various situations and with certain patient populations.

Wisdom gleaned through apprenticeship

Follow in the footsteps of traditional herbalists by learning from our highly-trained, experienced herbalist instructors. All instructors in clinical program hold masters-level degrees in the medical field and are eager and excited to welcome you as a peer!

Continue the inward journey of the self

Serving others draws from the well of our own good health and Spirit. Grow your personal plan for thriving and learn new paths to deepen heart wisdom and compassion. Healthy living practices benefit ourselves, our patients, and everyone around us.

Herbalist Clinical Program: Year 2

170 hours of class instruction
30 hours professional development & community service

Class Schedule:

  • Feb 8,9,10: Intro weekend, history, laws
  • Mar 8,9,10: Gastro-Intestinal
  • Apr 5,6,7: Pain
  • May 3,4,6: Mood & Emotions
  • May 31, Jun 1,2: Medicines From the Earth Conference
  • July 26,27,28: Gynecology, Pregnancy
  • Aug 23,24,25: Heart, Circulatory
  • Sept 20,21,22: Topicals & Skin Care (spa weekend!)
  • Oct 18,19,20: First Aid
  • Nov 15,16,17: Eyes, Ears, Nose & Throat

10-weekend modules, 17 hours each weekend:

  • Fri 6-9pm
  • Sat 9-1 & 2-5
  • Sun 9-1 & 2-5

Tuition: $3300

How do I register?

  • Pay your non-refundable deposit of $500.
  • Complete the online application.
    This finalizes your spot in the program.
  • Payment balances due:
    $1400 by October 15
    $1400 by December 6
  • Tuition includes partial registration for Medicines From the Earth Conference in Black Mountain, June 8-10.

Please budget an additional $200 for books, tools/gear, and alcohol/bottles/materials to create your herb projects for your home apothecary. A textbook and supply list will be sent to you upon registration.

Payment may be made at Appalachian Acupuncture, Tuesday–Thursday from 9-5, Friday 9-1.
We accept cash, check or credit card. You may pay by card by phone: 423-928-9394.

For questions, please contact Michelle Bouton: Michelle@HERBalachia.com

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