Medicinal Mead-Making

Saturday, November 3, 2018 at 2 PM – 5 PM

4403 Simerly Creek Rd, Unicoi, TN 37692

The class is a demonstration on how to brew mead at home with basic equipment, which ultimately empowers even the novice to begin fermenting their own medicinal beverages.

The class includes discussion and hands-on components, giving the students a “feel” for fermentation. We will also sample previously made beverages that are not limited to mead, and potentially includes Kombucha, Kvass, and Kefir.

This event offers insight into the ancient practice of fermentation. Fermentation predates distillation by 2,000 years and was the primary way of concocting herbal plants (and their constituents) into bio-available medicines that have a lasting shelf-life.

A major focus of the class highlights the role of lacto-bacillus in digestive health and the over all function of the Gastro-Intestinal Tract. In addition to the role of fermentation on our health, we will discuss the role of plants in providing support for our health as well the importance of the honey bee, a major pollinator and contributor to the health of the natural world. As my good friend and teacher once joked with me, “It is as easy as making tea.”

INSTRUCTOR Thomas Cooper joins us from Boone, where he lives with his sweetie and son. His background includes a degree in Sustainable Agriculture as well as studies in primitive skills, foraging and wild-crafting plants, fermentation, and bird language.

$25. Limited to 15 people.
Please click ‘Tickets’ to reserve your spot; no cancellation refunds.
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