Community Herbal Medicine-Making

Community Herbal Medicine-Making

Community Herbal Medicine-Making

October 26, 2019 at 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Shakti in the Mountains
409 E Unaka Ave Johnson City, Tennessee 37601

Join this pay-it-forward herbal medicine making event as we prepare healing gifts of Elderberry Syrup and Fire Cider!

These immune-boosting remedies will be distributed to members of our community in need.

Michelle Bouton of HERBalachia will share info about these traditional recipes and how the ingredients protect us from colds and flu.

Jo Wohlberg of Herbalists Without Borders will share the vision and values of HWO, including:

  • health and wellness are human rights, not privileges
  • volunteer efforts which focus primarily on natural and botanical health and wellness solutions
  • roles of traditional herbalists and healers in our society

We hope you can join us as we infuse these creations with love and healing as we widen our circle of care.

$10 per person and/or Donate Supplies

Click here to register for $10. (You are also welcome to bring supplies if you would like.)
Click here to donate supplies for the class in lieu of a registration fee. (See supplies needed below.)

Pre-registration is required. Class is limited to 16 students.

Please let us know what donation(s) you will be bringing before October 23rd by clicking here.
Thank you!
Herbs for Pain & Advanced Salves

Herbs for Pain & Advanced Salves

Herbs for Pain & Advanced Salves

Saturday, February 24 at 10 AM – 3 PM

Shakti in the Mountains
409 E Unaka Ave, Johnson City, Tennessee 37601

Fine-tune your Pain-Relieving Salves!

Beloved Native American instructor, Cindi Quay, returns to TN to share from her traditional teachings and years of experience in herbal products business, Cindi’s Sacred Garden. We will dive deeper into teachings of salves for topical application, fine-tuning issues we may have encountered along the way.

Class includes:
• study of selected of Native pain relief herbs
• which plant allies work together to address pain
• therapeutic strategies: warming, cooling, circulating…
• salve recipes: base oil selection, infusions methods
• hands-on salve making demonstration
• troubleshooting/ advanced tips: bring your questions!

Everyone will leave with a freshly made jar of salve as well as ample handouts of selected plants and salve recipes.

This class will guide you in:
• plant suggestions for this year’s garden
• products to create for loved ones to enjoy
• raising the quality of your herbal-product business

Cindi will also be available on Friday, Feb 23 from 4-7pm at Appalachian Acupuncture for personal herbal consultations. Please call to schedule: 423-928-9394.

Tickets are $45. Class is limited to 18 students.
Please click ‘Tickets’ to reserve your spot!
(Paypal and debit cards accepted)

Herbal Syrups: A Tasty Medicine

Herbal Syrups: A Tasty Medicine

Herbal Syrups: A Tasty Medicine

Saturday, February 17 at 10 AM – 1 PM

Appalachian Acupuncture and Healing Arts
113 E Unaka Ave, Johnson City, Tennessee 37601

Syrups, a fun and yummy way to make and enjoy herbal medicine, are a great benefit to those with small children or persons choosing to avoid alcohol tinctures.

CLASS will cover:

  • Benefits and challenges of using sugar as a preservative
  • Basic syrup recipe that can be applied to various herbal formulas
  • Specific herbs to choose from in customizing a personal formula
  • Making 2 syrups in class

TAKE-HOME includes:

  • Iron syrup- A blood builder and strengthener, which helps one to feel more grounded, embodied, and empowered. This is a great formula for women and those with anemia.
  • Adaptogen syrup- A balancing formula, helping the body to deal with physical and emotional stress gracefully. It strengthens and energizes us for our modern busy lifestyles.

***Please bring two 4 oz bottles and an open heart to the medicine of the earth!***

HERBalachia insructor Amanda River Fern Bryant is a licensed massage therapist and herbalist.

Tickets are $30; class limited to 15 students.
Please click on ‘Tickets’ to register for the class (Paypal or debit card accepted).

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